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We started our farm in Northern CA, getting a couple of goats to keep our 10 acres cleared while enjoying their wonderful personalities.  We got a couple Nigerian Dwarf wethers and a Mini Nubian doe.  Then we got a couple Pygmies after being on a couple waiting lists.  We came across the San Clemente Island heritage goats and loved their gentle disposition and decided we wanted to contribute to building the endangered breed population.  It didn’t take long (the potato chip analogy is true) to build up 4 different breeds and grow our herd to over 30.  

We are now located in the foothills of North Carolina and continue to refine our breeding lines.  We enjoy meeting new people who share our passion for goats, guiding and coaching new goat owners, going to and participating in goat shows, kidding season, milking, and most of all.....spending time with our goats….they are amazing therapy!!

We have recently completed our soap studio and will soon be making and selling our goat milk soaps and lotions, blended with essential oils.  Goats milk has amazing properties that are wonderful for your skin.

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